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Our Projects.  

Since our founding in 2013 we've taken on a number of projects around Town that you might want to be involved with!

Project 1. 


One of the first tasks we took on was managing the gardens that are seen at the road signs along Route 4 as one drives into Town from both the East and West.  We also manage and maintain the garden that surrounds the electronic sign at Town Hall.   

Project 2. 

Annually we create evergreen swags to decorate the Town signs for the holidays.  They help give our town a nice holiday touch. 

Project 3.

An ongoing project for the last 5 or 6 years has been planting daffodil bulbs along the Rail Trail that borders Route 179 towards Collinsville.  Over the years we've planted hundreds of bulbs that reliably return a cheery sight for those walking or biking on the path.  

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